New Camping Site is now open!

by April R.O

New Camping site is now open on the world map!

Let’s go Camping!


If you’re thinking of another outdoor adventure, we got an exciting new location for you! In our latest update, we will bring you closer to green things and wildlife fun. No need to drive elsewhere because My City: Wildlife Camping is now added to the My Town : World map! Ready to explore what’s out there?  Here are all the fun facts you need to know!



This new Camping site on the map has everything you need for a fun outdoor trip with friends and family. There are massive play areas to discover including the hidden temple, a bushy forest, and a wide clean lake! Be sure to prepare yourself for something…….wild. Cute wildlife animals are almost everywhere! You’re welcome to meet and pet them all day. Feeling tired and wanting to rest? Huge tents are set for everyone. Light the campfire, enjoy roasted marshmallows, and play some good music with a guitar.


New Characters & Clothes added

New friends will join your camping adventure! Play with new dolls when you visit the My Town : World Camping site. And yes, we didn’t forget your closet full of awesome outdoor clothing and accessories. Camp in style! So dress up the best outfit and set the trend!


Unlock Secrets

The trip to the new Camping site is kinda challenging too! Nu-uh, not with the bears, but with the hidden stuff you can collect inside the game. Put on your explorer’s hat, clues can be anywhere – so sharpen your eyesight! Those will help you unlock more in-game surprises! 


So pack your sleeping bag, tent, and hats! Let’s go camping! And by “CAMPING”, we mean hiking, fishing, canoeing, treasure hunting, and more! Update your My Town : World app now and create your very own wildlife adventure today!


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