Inspired by watching their daughters play for hours in front of their dollhouses, Daniel Sonnenfeld and Mark Tulchinski, the founders of the popular, award-winning My Town games series, thought “what if we could bring this joy of open-ended and imaginative play to millions of children all over the world?”

So, they created My Town Games, a safe place where kids can imagine, explore, seek out adventures, learn, and hang out without being forced into a win or lose competitive situation. My Town’s children’s games are set in a digital dollhouse world that will expand their imagination, empower their creativity and let them HAVE FUN.

Daniel and Mark believe kids learn and develop best when they’re doing what they love to do – and that is TO PLAY! The secret is to create ways to combine the fun of play with a safe environment that also encourages and stimulates learning, creativity, and imagination.


Creativity & Imagination
Our games give kids a world to play in, but we don’t set the rules for them. The digital dollhouse environment allows them to use characters as they want to create their own story lines and let their imagination run wild. They will love the colorful characters they see every day – teachers, doctors, parents, friends, – and places the characters go to visit like museums, the beach, a fire station, the library, stores in the neighborhood or down the street, an amusement park, school, and so many more that children interact with everyday all over the world.

Safety is our priority and that is why all our games are COPPA compliant. We consider our games safe spaces for kids with no inappropriate adult-themed elements for parents to worry about. Our model is based on one-time affordable purchases yet gives children unlimited possibilities for play.

Learning & Developing
Letting kids use their creativity and imagination without set lines they must stay within, allows young ones to be more creative. The introduction of new settings, characters, and items in the different My Town scenarios constantly widens their horizons.

We think that kids deserve the best game experience possible. That’s why our games have the best quality available both in programming and in the game play.

Our games can be enjoyed by any child, anywhere, and are the types of experiences that are fun to share and enjoy with friends. They can play and imagine anything they want without any boundaries.




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