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Create your own adventures and experience what it’s like to move to a university dorm. You can study and play with friends, meet your new roommates, hang out, and so much more. This game is a fully interactive dorm – ready for you to play and discover! My City is a virtual world...a fully interactive dorm where you can hang out and enjoy lots of activities with your friends. Play mini-games, solve puzzles, and find hidden items in fun interactive dorm areas such as: Reception Area: Go here to play mini-games with your friends or listen to a band playing your favorite music.


  • Living Room: You can cook and eat delicious meals with your friends. After that, why not spend the day watching your favorite cartoon shows on a big TV?
  • Girls Room: This is where you can catch some sleep, study, play music together, and hang out with your friends.
  • Nerds Room: Do you love gaming? This is the ultimate place to chill and have fun while playing video and computer games with your friends.
  • COED Room: The best of both worlds – this room combines the most fun parts of the Girls Room and the Nerds Room.
  • Study Room: Go here to do your homework and use the computers to do research. The best part? You can use the telescope to look at the stars!
  • Rooftop: All the cool kids hang out here...playing fun mini-games or maybe making some juicy burgers.
  • Pool Area: What better place to beat the heat? Go here to swim and play all your favorite water games.

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