Start a Band in Your New Music Lounge!

by April R.O

My Town: World Music Pack is now out!

My Town: World Drops the Beat with the Music Furniture Pack!


Are you ready for the coolest dollhouse jam session ever? Sure you do! We’re back with an exciting update for your My Town: World Builder Houses. Drumroll, please… Introducing the brand-new Music Furniture Pack! Get into the ultimate DIY dollhouse experience with a musical twist! 


Our brand-new Music Pack is all about giving your builder house a rockstar makeover. Pimp your room into a cool music lounge.



Rock Your Room with DIY Dollhouse Design! 

Here’s the rundown on the fab features of the new Music Pack:


  • 10 new Wallpaper and Tile Design: Design your floors and walls with perfect style and colors. Set up the room ambiance like a music artist. Pick vibrant tiles, and soundwave-decorated walls, or get a guitar backdrop for an instant rockstar vibe.
  • 93 New Furniture and Decor Pieces: From coffee tables, decals, chairs, and lights to shelves, the Music pack has lots of furniture & fixtures inspired by a true rock prince and princess.  If you love the shades of blue, and purple complemented by neon highlights, this pack is a perfect match for your next room upgrade. 


Show that music icon vibe!

Ever wanted to live your musical fantasies? Now you can! Stick those cool musical decals on your walls, set up your live band practice area, and decorate your ideal jamming spot. It’s not just a room; it’s your own music lounge.


Cozy Concert Corner

The comfy sofas are perfect for creating a cozy concert corner. Boom the drums and strum the strings of your electric guitar – gather your My Town friends for a virtual dollhouse jam session. If you want to relax, put your headset on while chilling in your new music room.


DIY Dollhouse: My Town: World Creativity Knows No Bounds!

My Town has always been about giving you the power to create and play in your own virtual world – the Music Pack takes it up a notch. The fun of DIY-ing your dollhouse design is at your fingertips. Your imagination is the limit.


How to Get Your Hands on the Music Pack:

Ready to live your rockstar dream? The Music Pack is now in the My Town: World in-app shop. Don’t miss the chance to turn your builder house into a hip rockstar music lounge. Update your app now! 


Note to My Town: World Home Designers: Share Your Creations! 

We can’t wait to see your Music-inspired house designs. Share screenshots of your virtual dollhouse music room on social media using the hashtag #MyTownMusicPack, and inspire fellow players online!


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Click the video to watch My Town: World’s Music Pack game trailer.



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